South Florida medical malpractice lawyer Susan Ramsey-discusses wrongful deaths

West Palm Beach medical malpractice attorney, Susan Ramsey, states wrongful deaths still occur in many hospitals. Lawyer concurs with HealthGrades study determining preventable patient deaths.

Concerned Florida medical malpractice litigator, Ramsey with Gary Roberts and Associates, P.A., explores a recent study conducted by HealthGrades. The study determined 237,420 Medicare patients’ deaths could have been prevented over the last three years. The study found over half of all Medicare patient deaths reviewed were linked to four preventable conditions: Sepsis; pneumonia; heart failure and respiratory failure. Medicare is no longer reimbursing hospitals for the extra costs of treating certain injuries, infections, and complications occurring post-admission.

Tenured medical malpractice lawyer, Susan Ramsey, provides several ways an individual may die due to medical malpractice:

* Surgical Malpractice
* Medication Errors
* Bacterial Infections
* Birth Injury
* Dental Malpractice
* Diagnosis Error
* Negligence

South Florida medical malpractice law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates suggests contacting a medical malpractice lawyer to determine if you or a loved one has been injured. An experienced litigation firm will help you determine if the accepted healthcare standards were violated causing injury.

Contributor: Susan B. Ramsey, leading medical malpractice lawyer skilled in personal injury law, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice litigation and nursing home negligence and abuse.

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