Breaking news: V.A. Pays $950,000 for veteran medical malpractice death

The U.S. Government Veterans Affairs pays $950,000 to family victimized by medical malpractice. U.S. Government agreed to settle malpractice claim resulting in wrongful death.

In 2004, Salt Lake City V.A. Hospital failed to administer simple antibiotics to William Meyer. The blatant lack of medication administration resulted in his depth claims the family. Reports state the U.S. Government is maintaining no fault. They are still agreeing to settle and pay for general damages and future and loss of income. The 45 year-old Meyer had received his last chemotherapy treatment for leukemia. Three days later he was suffering form abdominal pain and diarrhea. Pamela Meyer, his wife, phoned the oncologist and was instructed to administer medicine, for gas, available over-the-counter. Mr. Meyer had an extremely low white blood cell count, a known side effect of chemo treatment. He needed immediate antibiotics to combat the severe abdominal infection he had acquired. This is a known standard of care practice amongst doctors and nurses and specifically cancer specialists.

The lack of following basic standards of care has devastated the Meyer family.

Legal news reporter: Heather L. Ryan,

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