That Presidential debate: Barack Obama overwhelms John McCain

West Palm Beach Florida-Obama’s poise continues to shine, while McCain’s anger management is starting to show signs of cracking.

With less than thirty days to go before Super Tuesday, John McCain’s frustration with his campaign was all the more evident in this second Presidential debate. McCain’s inabilities to look at Barack, his demeaning remarks, along with the polls showing a six to eight point lead for Senator Obama , are starting to wear thin on the aging senator, from Arizona. The harsh reality of this election process is that it appears extremely unlikely that Senator mcCain will prevail.

The sharp contrast between both nominees continues to benefit Barack Obama without any sign of letting up. More and more it appears the senator’s, from Illinois, campaign is taking on a life of it’s own, much bigger than the candidate himself. To use a sports analogy, when you’re on a role, just keep rolling and that is exactly what Barack is doing. John McCain and Hilary Clinton can start their own support group after being overwhelmed in the same fashion, by the Obama express.

For know it seems that Republicans will have to endure a Democrat in the White House for next four years.

Contributor: Rene Perras

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