Fearless Autistic boy was stranded in the ocean for 12 hours

Daytona Beach, Florida (JusticeNewsFlash.com –News Report) – What was a normal, sunny day at the beach quickly turned out into a dreadful nightmare. Christopher Marino and his father were enjoying ocean waves when the rip current swept them further and further out into the water. Without raft or life jackets, the two help onto each other as night began to fall. Most individuals at this point would be scared to death or maybe even give up. But not Christopher. His favorite movie is Disney’s “Toy Story” and by quoting silly lines from the film, Christopher was able to remain calm. His father told CNN that Christopher found comfort and even laughter in a situation that none of us ever wish to be in. His father commented that usually, Autistic children have no dear or concept of death – in many cases this is a danger – but this is what saved the boy.

Yet within the span of an hour, the strong current and frequent jellyfish stinging their legs separated the two. Thankfully, the water was only 81-degrees. Mr. Marino said he alternated between the doggie paddle and floating on his back. He could faintly see the Ponce Island lighthouse and using it as a guide, he headed in the direction of the shore. Just as the sun was rising, a boat of fishermen spotted Mr. Marino and pulled him aboard to rescue. When the Coast Guard arrived, they told Mr. Marino the best news he’s ever heard – that Christopher was alive and in the safety of the rescue helicopter. They were both taken to the hospital where they were treated for dehydration. Truly this is a story that we can all learn from a child’s sincere faith and blind hope.

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