Personal Injury Attorney Warns New York Beach operators and Patrons of Potential Dangers after Recent Drowning

Personal Injury News – (Justice News Flash)  — August 30, 2008- recent drowning in the New York City area has prompted a consumer justice attorney to take the initiative and warn beach operators and patrons of the potential dangers and safety hazards, after the death of Akira Johnson, a ten year old, who drowned in the waters off Coney Island beach this month. There is a belief that local authorities will not take additional measures to ensure the safety of beach goers. Arika Johnson’s death occurred the day after four other drowning victims were reported from local beaches as a result of poor weather conditions.

Attorney Richard Gurfein, former president of New York State’s Trial Lawyers Association, has stated that the recent deaths may not motivate authorities to take further action to improve beach safety. Mr. Gurfein has also noted that the responsibility lies on the operators of beaches as well as on the city to maintain an adequate safety environment, and warns beach goers of the potential dangers. Beach goers have a responsibility to act responsibly and heed the warnings and know the possible threats in and around the water.

Concerned parents believe that municipal authorities aware of these dangers should close beaches until threats are removed or diminished, but Gurfein’s warning suggests that this is not what happens. The five recent deaths were attributed to strong ocean currents created by a powerful storm, which occurred days beforehand. The attorney advises swimmers and beach operators to put safety first, and act cautiously when attending or overseeing public beaches.

Those who have been injured as a result of these unforeseen beach dangers may have cause to file a personal injury claim against responsible parties. Victims may contact a personal injury attorney in their area to discuss the legal merits of their case.

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