Sharing a handshake and a stage – Presidential candidates at faith forum

Washington, D.C. ( – News Report) – Senators John McCain and Barak Obama took the stage of Saddleback Church of Orange County, California, in their first joint appearance this Saturday night. The candidates spoke on issues such as abortion, faith, same-sex marriage and even their greatest moral failures. They were each interviewed for an hour in a question/answer style setting by Pastor Rick Warren.
Both candidates answered extremely well, yet there was a stark difference in each of the men’s particular style. Senator McCain, a man of few words, was concise and sharp and used emotional war stories to capture the hearts of the crowd and viewers. Obama seemed more relax, laid back and had much more wordy answers. Differences could also be seen in the views presented by the two men; a conservative one of almost 72 and a more liberal of the young 47 year old. McCain spoke out against abortion, same-sex marriages and civil unions, whereas Obama supports choice and rights for gay couples. During the interview, McCain declared his view that unborn children deserve rights “at the moment of conception,” and was met with emphatic applause. “I have a 25-year pro-life record in the Congress, in the Senate,” McCain said. “This presidency will have pro-life policies.” This forum was also a good opportunity for Senator Obama to suppress rumors of a Muslim faith and reaffirm to the viewers that he is indeed a Christian, believing that Christ died for his sins. The campaign also announced that the upcoming Democratic National Convention will have a strong religious tone, seen in “faith caucus meetings” with a purpose to get a true sense of religious voters’ concerns.

The list of speakers will consist of a Republican pastor from an evangelical Florida church; a Greek Orthodox archbishop; a Roman Catholic nun from Cleveland; and a Colorado couple who are both Methodist ministers.This forum was a way for the Christian voters to obtain a better understanding of the men and their beliefs. 78% of Christian conservatives voted for Bush in 2004, visibly apparent that these issues are important to our nation. It is evident that each of these men would make great leaders of our country.

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