Consumer Product Safety Bill Becomes a Law

Consumer Product Safety Bill Becomes a Law


Washington, D.C. ( – News Report) – As a follow-up to a recent article focusing on recalls of toys with lead paint, President Bush has signed  consumer product safety bill into a law. Congress overwhelmingly supported the bill in a response of 424-1 (the one being obnoxious Representative Ron Paul). For the years 2010-2014, the bill reauthorizes the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is the government agency responsible for ensuring that the products on the market are safe for all consumers. The CPSC estimated that around 28,000 deaths occur each year due to unsafe toys and various other products in the United States market. The new law will double the CPSC’s budget and allow for the CPSC to increase fines and other penalties for companies that do not comply with the rules. This bill is truly a step in the right direction – who would not vote for greater protection from unsafe toys for our children?

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