An aggressive Judicial System or true criminals?

New York City, New York ( – News report) – In a country such as America, right, freedoms, and liberties are all of extreme importance. With the creation of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Miranda Law, it seems that no one person could ever be unjustly accused of a crime, yet, how often does this happen?

One of the more popular cases of suspects who were falsely accused is seen in the brutal beating, rape and near killing of 29-year-old Patricia Meili. The crime took place on a warm spring night in Central Park, wherein Meili was jogging. Another passing jogger found her body and quickly notified officials. After a few days, five Black and Latino teenagers were accused of gang raping Meili. With the help of the media, social class, gender and disturbed city, the boys were interrogated and blamed.

Yet in May 2002, another man entered the picture. Matias Reyes, a convicted serial rapist and murderer confessed to the awful attack on Meili. Soon, DNA evidence had confirmed Reyes as her attacker, but it was not soon enough, for each of the five young men had served 5-13 years in prison. Many argue that their unfair imprisonment was a result of a coerced confession and no forensic evidence.

Oftentimes, and as seen in this case, the law enforcement officials are too quick in pointing the finger, using inappropriate interrogation techniques, ignoring the citizen’s Miranda Rights, and therefore violating the constitutional rights of individuals. The 1966 Miranda law advises suspects of their Fifth Amendment rights and officials are trained to inform individuals of them at the point of arrest. However, occasionally the American justice system is wrongly used, especially in Meili’s case where the suspects were coerced and misled by the interrogator.

Many argue that these circumstances are the result of adrenaline and the need for instant gratification that is common to the American culture. It is disheartening that these men and many others have been unjustly imprisoned, and although absolved, they are left angered and tainted.

By: Jana Simard, Legal News Reporter – Justice News Flash – News / Legal Press Release Distribution Service

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