Lawyer Marketing expert Kevin Quinlan recommends YouTube for attorney web marketing

West Palm Beach, South Florida ( – News Release) — Many lawyers and professionals are hesitant to use popular social networking-based sites to generate leads and increase traffic to their firm’s home site. This is primarily due to the opinion that such sites do not carry the level of sophistication legal marketing strategies set out to uphold. However, the pros and cons should be fully considered by attorneys and their marketing teams before dismissing sites like YouTube as implausible places to market legal services online.

You Tube Marketing Pros and Cons

YouTube has become an international phenomenon that has earned a reputation for being the largest website utilized for video sharing online. The website is tailored for audiences in 18 different languages, and receives more than 50 million unique visitors every month. The sheer volume of visitors YouTube receives makes it a candidate for effective marketing, and helping professionals broaden their reach. Of all of the United States-based websites, YouTube ranks fourth behind Google, Yahoo, and MySpace for receiving the most traffic.

Cons that may be associated with marketing via YouTube might relate to audience characteristics and needs. A large portion of visitors to YouTube are teenagers and young adults using the website for entertainment purposes. The site is usually equated with humorous video showcases, or thought of primarily as a resource for viewing music and movie clips.

Pros: Since the launch of Google Universal, YouTube Videos are being indexed in search results. This makes it favorable for lawyer web marketing efforts.

However, like other websites in the same arena, such as MySpace, You Tube is increasing in popularity as a tool to keep track of current events and important news information. It is more widely utilized by business professionals and other individuals in virtually every income bracket with a wide range of interests. Lawyers can benefit from the broad community base which includes individuals in need of legal assistance. Having this kind of presence can make a firm more accessible to those in need of their services and make prospective clients more comfortable contacting attorneys whom they can less formally connect with online.

When making the decision of whether to market one’s firm or legal services via YouTube, many believe that the pros outweigh the cons. The ability to give one’s advertisement the most exposure possible online using a single, inexpensive medium makes it an extremely beneficial tool, and a force to be reckoned with in marketing. YouTube gives one the power to reach their target audience, and drastically enhance their branding power.

Contributor: Kevin Quinlan – Legal Marketing Consultant, specializing in Television Advertising for Personal Injury Lawyers
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