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Online Solicitation Of A Minor In Texas

Media reports state that police in Texas have been very active in targeting online predators

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What Is The RICO Act?

There are a host of famous — or infamous, depending on your perspective — RICO Act cases throughout U.S. legal history

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Criminal Charges For Looting After Hurricane Harvey

Just a handful of states have specific laws that address looting

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Is DNA Evidence Unreliable?

Is DNA evidence the most foolproof way to determine if someone has committed a crime?

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Taser Deaths Reach The Thousands

Many officers aren’t aware Tasers have the potential to kill

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What’s The Penalty For Perjury?

Texas criminal law makes it clear that a person can be convicted of perjury if they knowingly make a false written statement even when not under oath

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Does Every Crime Have A Statute Of Limitations?

It’s important to remember that statutes of limitations vary from state to state

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What Is An “Aggravated” Crime In Texas?

What constitutes an aggravated crime varies from state to state

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What Age Do Kids Get Tried As Adults In Texas?

Many states have taken steps to ensure juvenile offenders in their courts are not slapped with a life sentence before they even reach adulthood

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Sheriff’s Office Mistakes Could Affect Over 100 Convictions

It’s terrifying to think that the nation’s most elite federal law enforcement agency could be so wrong on so many cases.

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