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Supreme Court justices rule in favor of Muslim woman denied job

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Muslin woman who was denied a job at a retail chain over her headscarf.

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What Makes You ”The Boss?“ The U.S. Supreme Court Weighs In

The Supreme Court decides what guidelines establishes someone as a “boss,” reports Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover.

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Supreme Court May Impose More Restrictions on Class Actions

The Supreme Court is deciding if the certification of class actions should have stricter requirements, says San Francisco consumer protection lawyer.

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Supreme Court grapples with international custody law case

Supreme Court justices sought to find middle ground in a case involving an international custody battle between a U.S. soldier and his wife.

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FJA Alert: G.O.P. Aims to Remake Florida Supreme Court

The Republican party is trying to push its political agenda on the only branch of government designed to be outside of politics.

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Are Big Money and Big Business Affecting State Judiciary Rulings?

Consumers are worried that campaign contributions will begin to affect the fairness of court cases, says Carey Been, a Los Angeles consumer protection lawyer.

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