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Learn More About Unsafe Building Injuries

When someone is hurt on another person’s property, the personal injury case generally falls under a theory of premises liability

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The Effectiveness Of Driver Rest Regulations In Lowering Number Of Accidents

Dallas Truck attorneys of 1-800-Truck-Wreck examine whether electronic driving logs in commercial trucks are helping or hurting truck driver fatigue

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Do Apps Contribute To the Rise In Car Accident Deaths in the First Half of 2016?

1-800-Car-Wreck examine the prevalence of automated driver-assistance systems and how they are affecting driver behavior

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Car Wreck Lawyers Examine Speed Limits And Their Effect On Car Accidents

Texas Accident Attorneys of 1-800-CAR-WRECK® analyze speed limits in Texas and other states and how they affect rate of car accidents

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Car Wreck Lawyers Report On Tesla Auto Accident

Car Wreck Lawyers of 1800 Car Wreck caution about the dangers of self-driving cars, which have been involved in multiple auto accidents.

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Texting-Related Accidents Stark Reminder Of Driver Inattention

According to the NHTSA, driver inattention is one of the major factors that contributes to serious car accidents, including fatal car wrecks

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Dallas Car Injury Lawyer Discusses Pokémon Go APP – Threat To Motorists

Dallas car accident lawyer Amy Witherite who has been recently studying link of auto accidents to the Pokémon Go APP offers insight!

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1-800-TRUCK-WRECK© Expands To Atlanta

1-800-TRUCK-WRECK© is excited to announce its expansion to Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding communities.

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Florida judge in Casey Anthony case now personal injury lawyer

The judge who presided over the Casey Anthony trial has returned to practicing law as an attorney.

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Donald Papcsy Esq. Earns Superb Rating from Avvo Attorney Rating Agency

Donald Papcsy Esq., senior trial attorney at Papcsy Janosov Roche Trial Lawyers (PJR), has been given the highest rating given by Avvo, (Superb) by the attorney rating agency.

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