Musk announces gold, gray and blue badges for Twitter accounts

Twitter’s billionaire owner Elon Musk announced on Friday that the platform would introduce different colored badges to differentiate between accounts. “Sorry for the delay, we expect to launch Verified next week on Friday,” he tweeted. “Gold check for corporations, gray check for governments, blue for individuals (celebrity or not), and all verified accounts are manually […]

India’s top court weighs the recognition of same-sex marriages

India’s top court on Friday ruled to continue a case over the legal recognition of same-sex marriages, four years after the same body overturned a colonial-era ban on gay sex. The case, brought by a gay couple who exchanged vows informally last year, could pave the way for India to become the second jurisdiction in […]

Half of Kiev’s residents are still without electricity after strikes

Almost half of Kyiv’s residents were still without power as of Friday, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital said, two days after Russian strikes ravaged the country’s already ailing power grid. “A third of houses in Kyiv already have heating, and specialists continue to restore them. Half of consumers still don’t have electricity,” said Mayor […]

7-year-old Indonesian girl found dead after days of earthquake rescue operation

7-year-old Indonesian girl found dead after days of earthquake rescue operation Cianjur (AFP) – Dicky Bisinglasi with Marchio Gorbiano in Jakarta A seven-year-old Indonesian girl who was the subject of a day-long rescue effort after an earthquake in West Java killed at least 272 people was found dead, rescuers told AFP on Friday. Rescue workers […]

China’s ‘iPhone City’ under Covid lockdown after violent clashes

Six million people were under Covid lockdown in a Chinese city home to the world’s largest iPhone factory on Friday after clashes between police and workers angry over pay. Authorities have ordered residents of eight districts in Zhengzhou, central Henan Province, not to leave the area for the next five days, erected barriers around “high-risk” […]

Thousands of Argentines commemorate the late co-founder of Plaza de Mayo

Thousands of Argentines on Thursday paid tribute to Hebe de Bonafini, who helped found the human rights group Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, as her ashes were scattered in Buenos Aires in the public square where she had led demonstrations for decades. Bonafini, who died Sunday at the age of 93, helped found the women-led […]

7-year-old Indonesian girl found dead after days of earthquake rescue operation

A seven-year-old Indonesian girl who was the subject of a days-long rescue effort after an earthquake in West Java killed 272 people was found dead, rescue workers told AFP news agency on Friday. Rescue workers found the body of Ashika Nur Fauziah, also known as Cika, under rubble in the city’s worst-hit neighborhood of Cianjur, […]

Asian markets mixed as Fed fears eased by China Covid eased

Asian markets were mixed on Friday at the end of a week raising hopes that the Federal Reserve will ease its monetary tightening campaign, offset by fresh lockdown fears as Covid-19 cases rise in China. With Wall Street closed for the Thanksgiving break, trading was light and there was little catalyst to drive action on […]

Nurses join other striking UK workers in two strikes in December

Nurses across most of the UK are set to hold the first strikes in their union’s 106-year history next month, joining a host of other British workers taking industrial action against pay. Staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – but not Scotland – will leave on December 15 and 20 after the Royal College […]

Chile’s unique Atacama Desert, polluted by the world’s garbage

It could be one of the driest places on earth – a brutal, alien landscape where life seems impossible. But Chile’s vast Atacama Desert is a unique and fragile ecosystem that experts say is threatened by mountains of garbage from around the world. Mounds of discarded clothing, a graveyard of shoes, and row upon row […]

French MEPs vote to enshrine abortion rights in the constitution

Lawmakers in France’s parliament on Thursday voted to include abortion rights in the constitution in response to recent changes in Poland and the United States. MEPs from the left-wing France Unbowed (LFI) party and the center-centre governing coalition agreed on the wording of the new clause, which was approved by a large majority. “The law […]