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Mesothelioma Treatment Options

Although there is no cure for mesothelioma, several treatments have been introduced for helping to alleviate the effects of the disease, or slow its progression. New treatments are habitually tested through clinical trials. The kind of treatment a patient receives may vary depending on their age, the stage of advancement for their disease, a patient’s medical history, and other factors. The most commonly used methods include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Other, more recently introduced options include pneumonectomy and palliative therapies.

With the pneumonectomy surgical procedure, a patient’s diseased lung is removed. This type of surgery is very high risk. Removal of the diseased chest or abdominal lining, or a pleurectomy is a similar treatment option. Palliative therapies involve draining fluid, and feeding drugs by tube to a patient’s chest area for prevention of further buildup. Radiation, a common treatment used for other types of cancer may also be administered to eradicate growing tumors or cancer cells. Chemotherapy is another option used for this purpose; however this treatment is administered via injections or pills. Side effects of these can make patients feel extremely ill due to the toxicity level of medications given and their contact with healthy tissue and cells.

Some patients who do not feel they’ve benefitted from traditional treatments may choose to try experimental medications or clinical trials. There are some who also consider alternative or holistic treatments. The decision on what kind of treatment option one chooses should be made after an individual has researched and discussed the most viable options for their specific case with their physician. It is important that an individual diagnosed with mesothelioma has been made thoroughly knowledgeable about their condition and all possible treatment options, so that they can make an informed decision on what may be in their best interest.