San Francisco based wage & hour lawyer Eric Grover educates using Google Hangout on air. Discusses When Work Expenses Aren’t Reimbursed

Veteran California employment lawyer Eric Grover discusses many ways employers improperly reimburse — or fail to reimburse — work expenses, and what employees can do about it. Watch For many employees, spending money out of pocket for work-related expenses is an unavoidable, and often inconvenient, fact of life. Recouping these costs can be a time-consuming […]

September 9, 2014
San Francisco Wage & Hour Lawyer Creates Google Hangout – Discusses Forced Arbitration

In a recent Google Hangout interview, Eric Grover, one of the partners at the San Francisco labor, employment and consumer protection law firm Keller Grover, discussed mandatory arbitration agreements. Eric, a seasoned California wage and hour, employment, and consumer protection attorney explained how recent court decisions regarding mandatory arbitration clauses in contracts have impacted consumers […]

August 20, 2014