What Is The Perfect Automobile For a Lawyer

What Is The Perfect Automobile For a Lawyer


Have you ever judged someone based on the type of car that they drive? It’s a natural instinct, and it’s one that you can use to your advantage as a lawyer. You can choose your next vehicle based on several factors that will make you look appealing to potential clients.

First Impressions

As a lawyer, you’re probably aware of the importance of first impressions. Clients want to see clean, tidy, and respectable professionals when they step into a law office. This doesn’t just apply to the personal grooming of employees: It also extends to the appearance of the office, the state of the parking lot, and the value of the cars within that lot. If you’re driving a beat-up clunker, what message will that send to clients? Upgrade your vehicle to something that commands respect or makes you feel trustworthy to others.


Propriety is another thing to consider in a vehicle. While there’s nothing wrong with a lawyer who goes off-roading on the weekends, parking a gigantic jeep in front your office just isn’t appropriate. It doesn’t say “lawyer.” The same goes for trucks, convertibles, work vans, and anything else that would get a double-take if a client saw it parked in front of your office. The best kind of car for a lawyer is something more suitable for everyday life. A sedan, for example, says that you’re a regular and approachable kind of person. Another option is an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid that says good things about your values. If this is the case, then there are actually car dealers that specialize in electric vehicles, such as Edmunds, at your disposal.


Clients want to be impressed by their lawyers, so if you’re trying to decide between a lower- or higher-end vehicle, go for the more luxurious one. It projects the image of a wealthy and successful lawyer who has won a lot of cases and can afford a nice ride. That said, don’t choose a car that looks ludicrously out of place in your neighborhood; if it costs more than the local buildings around you, clients might be intimidated by that perception of wealth. They’ll think that they can’t afford your services, so they might pass you by.


Different vehicles send different messages to the public. A sports car, for example, is usually driven by someone with a bit of a flashy personality. An SUV is a family car, so it says that you probably have children. An electric vehicle gives the impression that you care about the environment and your overall community. What do you want your car to say? What speaks to your personality not just as a lawyer but as a human being? Keep in mind that your car won’t only be seen at the office; it’ll define you everywhere you go. Make sure that you’re always leaving the right kind of memory.

These are just a few tips for selecting your next car as a legal professional. At the end of the day, it’s a very personal choice, so no one else can decide for you. Decide for yourself what kind of car best represents you as a lawyer.

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