Summer Holidays and Increased Drunk Driving

Summer Holidays and Increased Drunk Driving


If you’ve been looking forward to your summer vacation all year, you may want to have a cocktail or a glass of wine. Take care to avoid driving after your celebratory drink. To make sure that you are also safe from poor choices by others, consider the tips below.

Dangers of drunk driving during vacation season

Whether you drove your vehicle to your vacation spot or flew and rented a car, you’re now driving on unfamiliar roads. If you’ve been drinking, these unfamiliar roads can quickly become dangerous. After a drink or two, your copilot may not be able to plan your route back to your vacation home away from home.

You may also be on the road with other folks who are impaired. If you’re visiting a place that is a draw for tourists, these other travelers may be just as new to the roads as you are. With alcohol in your system, your defensive driving skills may be reduced.

Many people don’t drink during the week but imbibe on the weekend. Unless you’re engaging in binge drinking, even a daily serving of alcohol shouldn’t be a worry. If you drink a bit more when you travel, make sure you plan your transport before you start to drink. For example, you can book a brewery or winery tour with a guide who will get you safely home.

Tips for remaining safe while on the road during summer holidays

In any given year, 20% of car crashes involve a drunk driver. During the holiday season, this risk goes up. Even if you’re not celebrating New Year’s Eve during your summer holiday, other folks may imbibe as though they are.

As you travel, look for ways to stay put while you drink so you don’t become a dangerous driver. To avoid damage from other drivers, do your best to be back in your hotel by nightfall. If you’re sightseeing on a Friday, you can avoid the risk of locals leaving happy hour by trying to be back in your cabin or vacation rental by sunset.

Even campers can be put at risk by those who choose to drink too much during their summer holiday. If folks near your site are drinking to excess and they have an ATV or a boat, your family may be put at risk for more than nuisance and noise.

Consequences of drunk driving

If you or one of your travel partners is charged with drunk driving, your penalties will grow with repeated offenses. If you’re involved in an accident that includes injuries, additional charges may be included. While you may not have to deal with jail time after a first offense, your first offense may include a fine and a suspension of your license. Be aware that your insurance rates may also spike.

Further penalties include educational classes, community services, and possible jail time. When you vacation, do your best to choose a designated driver or hire a ride to get back to your hotel safely.

Keep yourself and your family safe on the roads during your vacation. Hire a driver or designate a designated driver. Review your route before you set out and do your best to drive defensively.

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