The Legal Process for Motor Vehicle Accidents in New York City

The Legal Process for Motor Vehicle Accidents in New York City



Going for a stroll in the crowded streets of New York City is an achievement. With millions of cars, taxis, buses, and bikes sharing the roads, accidents are common here. When you’re involved in such situation, understanding the legal process is crucial to handle your condition better.

A Closer Look At Personal Injury Claims

In the personal injury law, understanding the ‘negligence’ is important. It is the failure to take care causing injury or loss to another person. In a motor vehicle accident, a driver might be considered negligent if they ran a red light, exceeded the speed limit, or were distracted while driving. A New York City personal injury lawyer can be helpful in determining those points.

Let’s consider an example about a motorcycle accident. Imagine you’re riding your motorcycle, obeying all traffic laws, when a car comes into your lane without signaling and hits you suddenly. You have injuries that require medical treatment and prevent you working for a while. In this scenario, the car driver was negligent, as they did not signal before changing lanes, which is a rule violation of ‘duty of care’ towards other road users.

In this case, you would have rights to file a personal injury claim against the car driver. The aim is to recover damages – a term which refers to a sum of money in compensation for a loss or injury. Damages can cover various aspects, such as medical bills for treatment, wages lost due to being unable to work, and compensation for the suffering caused by the accident.

The Roadmap to Filing Your Claim

When a motor vehicle accident leaves you injured, the first and most crucial step is seeking medical attention. No matter how minor your injuries may seem, a detailed medical record becomes your strongest evidence when filing a claim.

Next comes the gathering of evidence. This includes photos of the accident scene, damage to your vehicle, your injuries, and any other relevant factors. Don’t forget to collect contact information of…


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