Interview with a Northern Virginia real estate agent reveals her secrets of success and highlights five unique services and one important piece of advice for clients.

01/26/2023 / TRANSLATION / MCLEAN, Va. – Local real estate agent Kathy Pippin recently had the opportunity to conduct an expert interview and she shared her secrets of running a successful business with many happy clients.

January was a busy month for Kathy Pippin, a realtor in Northern Virginia. In addition to showing homes, meeting clients and running her business, she has also been interviewed on camera as a real estate expert. In her video interview, which can be found hereshe addressed a variety of topics and revealed five unique services she offers that give her business and clients an advantage.

Kathy was asked to provide insights on both a personal and professional level. She covered the basics and discussed what inspired her to choose real estate as her line of business, the geographic areas she covers and the online platforms she uses for her work. But she went further and explained how she uses skills she developed in her previous career in technical sales to give her a distinct advantage in the real estate world. She even shared five services she offers that set her apart from other real estate agents — from targeted marketing (which most real estate agents can’t do) and her “Perfect Home Finder” program to free staging services and in-depth research into new construction opportunities and free educational seminars for anyone who wants to learn more about the buying or selling process. She also made it a point to highlight charities close to her heart and events she organizes to give back to her community.

When asked about the most valuable lesson she’s learned in all her years as a real estate agent, Kathy confidently replied: “It is so important to meet the customer where he is. So that means focusing on that shefocus…