Multiple #1 by international bestselling author Jennifer S. Wilkov

Multiple #1 by international bestselling author Jennifer S. Wilkov


Speak Up Women emphasizes the importance of women’s self-expression and speaking up personally and professionally, at home and at work, standing up for others and for causes close to your heart, and encourages speakers to share their encouragement in all areas and bring in industries

01/26/2023 / TRANSLATION / NEW YORK – Multiple #1 international bestseller, award-winning author, Founder and CEO of Speak Up World LLC, (, Jennifer S Wilkov announces the April Speak Up Women Conference 2023 virtually online on Saturday, April 1, 2023. Beginning at 9:00 a.m. EDT, attendees will speak at home with family, friends and in virtual conversations about the importance of speaking out in women’s personal and professional relationships with neighbors and at work with co-workers, bosses and suppliers, who advocate for others and causes close to their hearts to bring about change where change is needed.

“I see many women not speaking up or speaking out, held back by unjustified fears. Speak Up Women fosters momentum for women to advance their own passionate personal and professional agendas and causes. Speak Up Women will fulfill some dreams and create new ones. It will give women a greater level of strength, skill and courage to come together as women in support of women so they can speak up confidently in the important relationships in their lives,” says Wilkov.

Speak Up Women is the #1 destination dedicated to women’s empowerment and self-expression, according to Google, for which more than 1.5 trillion searches per day for the term “Speak Up Women”. It’s a community that offers a series of virtual women’s conferences and events so women can connect with colleagues and friends, collaborate, create and celebrate one another. Speak Up Women encourages women to amplify their achievements, empower others with theirs, and accelerate their own projects, businesses, and organizations. It helps women connect with like-minded people…


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