Jim Wilson, premier real estate agent for waterfront and beachfront properties

Jim Wilson, premier real estate agent for waterfront and beachfront properties


01/26/2023 / TRANSLATION / SEMINOLE, Fla. – If you’ve been following the Tampa Bay real estate market for a while, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Jim Wilson as he is one of the most respected realtors in the city when it comes to listing homes to get them for the highest amount for sale of money. Now, with the latest addition to his advertising arsenal, he’s upgraded with what he calls his “target marketing.”

The old approach of placing your house in the local magazines along with the rest of your real estate agent’s listings is now a thing of the past. Jim Wilson has perfected an approach to target marketing where he invests his own money to get your property in front of the cheapest buyer based on their current interests, hobbies, family size, age, and even their net worth and credit rating.

When asked how this new approach to selling more homes works, Jim said, “If the home is in a very desirable school district, it usually comes with a slightly higher property tax base. There’s no point in marketing this home to retired couples, but it would be a perfect fit for a family with a school-age child or two. If the house has a fenced yard, we can make it accessible to those who have the appropriate income and also have a dog in the house. If it has a separate wine storage area, we can market to those who subscribe to Wine Connoisseur Magazine or otherwise have a wine collection. This allows buyers to fall absolutely in love with the home, which often means paying a premium for something that fits the criteria exactly. Essentially we can market it as their ‘dream home’, although to the general public it would be viewed as ‘just another home for sale’. That’s why we can often sell houses for more money. With the marketing data available from online and offline marketing firms, it just doesn’t make sense for a real estate agent to just list a home on the MLS system and eventually wait for a potential contract.”

For local homeowners selling their home…

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