EarlyBirds.io is a company that has developed an award-winning open innovation ecosystem platform of services that help all types of business organizations solve challenges and seize opportunities. This is of great interest to companies in the manufacturing sector looking to further digitize their businesses to better streamline efforts. The platform does this by collecting global open-source data on startup, scale-up and mature technologies, which is used to map the entire technical or business subject for strategic planning and solving operational challenges.

Kris Poria, Co-Founder of EarlyBirds, says: “We have all seen the photos of ships outside ports around the world, piling up and waiting many days for their supplies to be unloaded. All this at a time when many goods on these ships are in short supply and in high demand. This is just one example of how improving the digitalization of an industry can help solve problems and streamline operations. That’s why we’re proud to offer a unique solution that can bring manufacturing companies together with innovators and subject matter experts to support them in further digitization efforts to accelerate capacity, speed and culture.”

Poria further pointed out that shortages, delays and insufficient stock levels have been plaguing various industries recently. These include the automotive industry, the building materials sector and electronics manufacturing. All faced severely disrupted supply chains. This has created unique challenges for these types of industries when it comes to manufacturing, transportation and shipping. He explained that further digitizing these processes can help manufacturers overcome many of the challenges they are now facing in these supply chain areas. The EarlyBirds website explains how early adopter companies in these industries can leverage the company’s “open innovation ecosystem” to…

source_link https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/earlybirds-offers-a-solution-for-those-looking-to-improve-digitizing-in-the-manufacturing-industry