Hino Gas offers home propane safety tips

Hino Gas offers home propane safety tips


Hino Gas, recognized as the premier gas company in Harlingen, TX, has offered home propane safety tips that all home gas users can benefit from.

The company’s roots date back to 1963 when Alejandro Hinojosa Sr. purchased a propane bobtail truck and began serving customers in Cameron and Willacy counties. Hino Gas has grown from strength to strength, becoming the premier propane gas distributor to residential, commercial and industrial end users in the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding counties.

Headquartered in Harlingen, Texas, Hino Gas is the leading propane distributor and has become the brand name for residential, commercial and industrial customers
Hino Gas Company – Harlingen, TX

It has become known as the best Gas company in Harlingen TX because of its uncompromising vision for quality and impeccable customer service. Additionally, Hino Gas is known as the full-service propane piping system installation and service company that people in the area can trust. The rave customer reviews it has received are a testament to the quality of its products and services.

It is interesting to note that Hino Gas sells and rents tanks of all sizes, hoses and fittings for almost any application, large or small. It also sells and rents forklift cylinders and cages for industrial forklift operations. With access to world-class equipment and manpower to offer the best service and affordable prices, it has the answers for any customer that is looking Propane sales near me.

In fact, it is also considered the best Propane Brownsville TX distributors because it has the logistical support and strength to meet the demands of its growing clientele. Another reason Hino Gas is so popular with its customers is that it always maintains transparency with them, providing them with information that will enable them to best use propane gas in their home or business premises. It has now done so with its home propane safety tips.

The Propane 101 manual he presented is designed to help customers learn more about LPG. The goal is to ensure that readers understand and relate to this valuable and essential fuel more effectively. The information…

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