ColdBlock Strong Acid Digestion Method a definite improvement

ColdBlock Strong Acid Digestion Method a definite improvement


The ColdBlock method is a significantly faster process while maintaining the accuracy and precision of the final analysis data; The elimination of perchloric acid means improved health, safety and environmental impact in the laboratory workplace

Toronto, Ontario – (Newsfile Corp. – January 23, 2023) – ColdBlock Technologies Inc. (ColdBlock) has announced a sample digestion process with its ColdBlock Pro series stoves This effectively replaces the traditional four-acid digestion method used by laboratories worldwide with a significantly faster digestion process that eliminates the need for hazardous perchloric acid while maintaining precision and accuracy across all typical exploration and mining sample types. ColdBlock’s Strong Acid Digestion method provides a “near-complete” sample digest equivalent to four-acid methods, but with a process that takes only 30 minutes, resulting in significant time savings and improved efficiency compared to traditional four-acids -Methods that require 2 to 3 hours. In addition, the ColdBlock method eliminates the use of perchloric acid oxidizing reagent (the most dangerous of the four acids), representing a significant improvement in the health, safety and environmental impact of the laboratory workplace.

ColdBlock’s patented digestion technology uses a shortwave infrared head and a unique cooling zone to deliver fast, accurate, and repeatable digestions with increased throughput, lower operating costs, and better workplace safety. ColdBlock fermenters are used in laboratories around the world and fit into existing laboratory infrastructure. Not only does this technology have advantages in mining, where the ColdBlock Strong Acid Digestion method can replace traditional four-acid methods, but it is also used for the digestion of samples used in the processed metals, food, environmental, agriculture and consumer goods sectors be tested.

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ColdBlock Pro series cookers in action

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