Captivate Dental, a family friendly dentist in Moorabbin, Caters

Captivate Dental, a family friendly dentist in Moorabbin, Caters


Moorabbin, VIC – Tie Up Dental thoroughly examines the desires and needs of each patient and consistently addresses them in a manner that demonstrates genuine interest, excellence and comfort. A practice that prides itself on customized treatments, the clinic applies a variety of general, cosmetic, preventive, restorative, and emergency procedures to patients who need a small filling for a molar tooth, a complete smile transformation, or reconstructive oral health. dr Gareth Lewell, BDS, the lead dentist, works with staff and other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat dental issues like snoring and sleep apnea to help patients have a better quality of life.

According to Captivate Dental, preventive methods are better at averting dental problems than finding solutions to fix a problem once it develops. While twice-daily brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet will keep most dental problems at bay, at-home care is part of preventive dentistry. Patients can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, cavities, and other diseases with regular dental exams, routine dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, mouth guards, and oral cancer screening. Preventive dentistry also paves the way for cosmetic dentistry for patients who want to improve their smile and confidence.

In general, cosmetic procedures refine dental aesthetics in size, color, alignment, position, and the general appearance of the smile for misshapen, stained, cracked, or discolored teeth. Although many treatments improve smiles, a patient’s choice depends on their desired needs. bond dental, Moorabbin Dentist, offering Dental Veneers, Teeth Whitening, Dental Crowns, Orthodontic Treatment, Dental Implants and Teeth Bonding/Shaping. Some cosmetic dental treatments fill empty spaces in the mouth, replace damaged/missing teeth, and restore speech/other oral functions.

Throughout the treatment, the dentist educates patients on how to care for their cosmetic results, whether…


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