Rashad and D Smooth release a new song and video titled “Coma”.

Rashad and D Smooth release a new song and video titled “Coma”.


Rashad and D Smooth’s Coma is enjoying a success both artists never expected and it’s sure to be a fan favorite with numbers proving the quality and authenticity of the song, lyrics and video

The music industry of the United States is saturated. From established artists to emerging artists and those somewhere in the middle, there are millions of individuals who make up the US music industry releasing songs in a variety of genres. Due to the saturation of the industry, releasing music and reaching large audiences is a miracle for most artists. This is what happens to Rashad and D Smooth, two brothers who are taking the US music industry by storm.

Rashad and D Smooth brought their A-Game together to create a masterpiece of a single entitled “Coma”. Like any other song, Coma was released through music streaming platforms and a video was released for it. In the first week of its release, Coma had amassed 500,000 views. This unprecedented performance came as a surprise to both artists and Rashad couldn’t contain his delight.

Speaking about it, Rashad had this to say: “I’m really excited about this achievement. We never saw surpassing 500,000 views coming, at least not for this song. It’s quite a remarkable achievement for two average artists to come up with something that resonates with fans and critics alike. How else do you explain this number of views in such a short time? I and D Smooth appreciate the unwavering support of our fans and we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to them.”

Coma by Rashad and D Smooth is a sad love rock song similar to the songs that Juice WRLD produces. Fans and lovers of Juice WRLD music and rock songs will instantly fall in love with Coma. The song has a cool, upbeat instrumental and the lyrical skills of both artists gave the song all the vibes it needed. Though sad, Coma puts you in a groovy mood. It’s a song that certainly needs to be repeated in people’s playlist…

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