Power Storage Solutions launched in India by Su-vastika

Power Storage Solutions launched in India by Su-vastika


Power outages are commonplace in several developing countries, whether residential or commercial. Su-vastika, one of India’s most promising power storage and power startup companies, is leading and transforming the power backup storage sector in the country. But how did Su-vastika bring about this much-needed change in a country like India, which experiences more blackouts and power cuts than developed economies?

How Su-vastika points the way

The answer lies in the hard work and the path paved by Su-vastika’s mentor Mr. Kunwer Sachdev. Kunwer Sachdev is called The Solar Man of India and Inverter Man of India. He is one of India’s most respected entrepreneurs and is known for his contribution to the expansion of inverter and solar technologies in the country. He is the founder of one of India’s most famous inverter brands, namely Su-Kam. After Su-Kam was liquidated, Kunwer Sachdev’s brand was taken away and he was forced to leave Su-Kam. Today he oversees the start-up Su-vastika, which is technologically based on a new idea.

Because of his efforts, India was finally introduced into Energy Storage Systems or ESS. Energy from the grid or other renewable energy source is stored in these rechargeable battery systems, which are then released when needed. The Energy Storage System or ESS developed by Su-vastika is a rechargeable battery system that stores energy from the grid or any renewable energy source and returns that energy when needed. The main component of an ESS is a LiFePO4-based lithium-ion battery.

The superior static switches used in this patented technology of Su-vastika’s ESS system minimize the switching time to just 2 to 5 milliseconds, fast enough to prevent a computer and the most sensitive devices from being reset. This makes it an ideal alternative to generators and home UPS/inverters based on lead-acid batteries.

Offers an unprecedented high energy …

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