The Wade Kricken Fellowship for Prospecting Attorneys is now available

The Wade Kricken Fellowship for Prospecting Attorneys is now available


Dallas attorney Wade Kricken funds law students

the Wat Cricken The scholarship for future lawyers can now be applied for. The scholarship is aimed at students who are interested in the law and wish to become practicing lawyers in the future. Students at accredited universities and colleges who are studying to attend the law faculty can apply. The scholarship is also available to high school students pursuing a law degree. The scholarship award assists the recipient with education/tuition fees. Applicants for the scholarship must enter a short essay competition from which one distinguished student will be selected. Along with the essay, students are also asked to submit their full name, some biographical information, and the name of the university or college they are currently attending. All eligible students are encouraged to take advantage of this scholarship opportunity to earn money towards their tuition.

Lawyer Wat Cricken knows from personal experience how difficult it can be to become a lawyer. Aside from spending years on education, goal-oriented people also have to contend with financial constraints. Many students are struggling with the increased cost of education. Although some choose to work part-time to fund their education, many are forced to give up their dreams. As a result, Wade provides a scholarship to help deserving students with their financial burdens. Through this grant, Wade dedicates himself to helping those in need pursue their goals. That enthusiasm extends beyond its customers and to the community as well. He hopes this scholarship will help a student interested in becoming a practicing lawyer. He also wants to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by law students and hopes the scholarship will give future aspiring lawyers more opportunities to find help…


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