Independence Baptist Academy implements the nation’s first “HD

Independence Baptist Academy implements the nation’s first “HD


New CypherCode technology provides first responders with instant information without the need for an internet, database or phone connection during a crisis.

Independent Baptist Academy, based in Clinton, Maryland, has begun implementing the first phase of a “three-part solution” to enable first responders in emergencies to communicate interoperably. The Academy will integrate the world’s most advanced, most encrypted and most private code, called “HD CypherCode”, invented and patented by HDBarcode LLCa Florida company.

Phase One: has just been completed at the academy where HD Barcode LLC conducted training and installation using a secure, encrypted code printed on a waterproof PPG Tesla (TM) Stickers at each academy entrance and classroom. Each label contains information about the academy’s layout or a plan of the building, plans, diagrams, and emergency contact numbers for academy administrative and support staff. The codes are also provided on a Tesla Sheet of paper provided to police officers and firefighters as a backup. If the coding sheets are lost, they cannot be read or changed by unauthorized persons. Additional codes containing information for a command post or map can be strategically placed outside of the academy as needed.

After 9/11, school shootings and other critical incidents, interoperability was identified as a major challenge for first responders. As multiple authorities/first responders try to access notices and instructions, current technologies/systems are overwhelmed. HD CypherCodes allow only authorized first responders with the appropriate phone app to read encrypted codes. HD CypherCodes may contain detailed maps and instructions that are encrypted/private and only readable via an authorized smartphone or tablet. The faster first responders have detailed location information, the faster they can work…


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