Protecting Colorado: Armed Security and Close Protection Services

Protecting Colorado: Armed Security and Close Protection Services


Protecting Colorado: Armed Security and Close Protection Services

Fur Defense Agency is a veteran-led investigation and security company based in Denver, CO. Committed to professionalism, loyalty and integrity, Pilum is Colorado’s trusted provider of protection and investigative resources.

Include protection services in Colorado

The armed personal protection service is the highest level of personal protection. This service features a team of highly trained bodyguards and security professionals who are trained and licensed in the use of firearms to protect a VIP or high profile individual. This service includes 24/7 monitoring, threat analysis, risk management, transportation and strategic planning to ensure the customer is safe and secure.

Pilum Defense Agency provides 24/7 personal protection services including route planning, armed escorts and secure transportation so clients can focus on what is important to them.

Armed Security Services

Pilum Safety Officers are the first line of defense for an organization, its employees and its customers. Armed with firearms, they are responsible for investigating the client’s premises for unlawful activity, access, conduct or circumstances that could be potentially dangerous and taking appropriate action to prevent potential problems from escalating.

Their professionally trained protective security specialists are experts in security operations, training, weapons, security strategy and investigative analysis.

Premium services in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas

The hair is a Denver private investigators Company that also provides close protection and armed security in the busy city of Denver, Colorado and also serves nearby areas. Pilum proudly offers the following world-class professional services:

  • Armed Security
  • Close protection
  • Advanced security planning and risk assessment
  • route planning
  • Door-to-door protection
  • Technical Control Countermeasures (TSCM) “Bug Sweeps”
  • Government and Corporate Contracts
  • weapons training

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