Drones are becoming more powerful than ever, so it goes in aerospace

Drones are becoming more powerful than ever, so it goes in aerospace


Drones are growing in popularity among enthusiasts as they allow users to reach unprecedented heights and take stunning aerial photographs. These tiny unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can take off, fly and land by themselves, offering users an exciting and distinctive experience.

The development of drone technology has made it possible to build smaller, more powerful UAVs, leading to an increase in drones being used for recreational purposes. With features like GPS, gyroscopes, and autopilot, modern drones come in a variety of sizes and can be programmed to fly in specific areas and capture unparalleled video and photos that cannot be easily captured with traditional methods or devices.

Drones for industrial and government use

A more serious use case for drones is often overlooked – industrial and government use. UAVs are the closest thing to robotic assistants that can perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible or very costly, such as B. the inspection of dangerous facilities or the implementation of rescue operations. Lighter and more compact is not the way to go for these tasks. Companies tried to create industrial-grade drones decades ago, but the technology, in both hardware and software, to make them accessible was only recently developed.

Missiya’s M-22Q1 Zakal

mission is a manufacturer of next-generation, state-of-the-art UAVs and is behind the M-22Q1 Zakal – currently the most powerful drone on the market, specialized in industrial use. The huge quadcopter can fly in virtually any weather and has a carrying capacity of up to 6 kilograms. If restrictions are lifted, it can cruise for up to 60 minutes, cover a distance of 30 to 40 kilometers and travel at speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour or more. In addition, the numerous 360-degree sensors installed in the vehicle prevent bumping into obstacles and enable quick and easy operation.

Missiya sets itself apart from other high-performance drone manufacturers with its commitment to deployment speed and portability. That…

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