Happy Face Coffee guarantees freshness and quality craftsmanship

Happy Face Coffee guarantees freshness and quality craftsmanship


Happy Face Coffee offers a curated selection of craft coffee, freshly roasted on the day of delivery.

There’s a new coffee company in town that wants to make a splash with their exclusive coffee blends in small batches. His mission? To deliver the world’s freshest coffee straight to your door.

A veteran-led, veteran-led start-up, Happy Face Coffee is every coffee lover’s all-access pass to some of the finest craft coffees on the planet—each batch is expertly roasted and blended by the nation’s award-winning roasters. With an innovative approach to coffee delivery and a commitment to excellent service and product quality, the company only ships freshly roasted coffee beans. This means that all orders are roasted in small batches on the day of dispatch, preserving the coffee’s natural taste, nutrients and aroma. Customers can enjoy the sense of peace and happiness that only a freshly roasted and freshly brewed coffee can bring.

For Happy Face Coffee, coffee is more than just a drink. It is a sensual experience that everyone can enjoy. It’s a way to make connections and strengthen bonds. Coffee has the power to bring people together, inspire new ideas and make life that little bit brighter. Because of this, the company is passionate about delivering the freshest, highest quality coffee to all coffee lovers around the world. Only carefully selected, pure coffee beans from reputable sources are used. No preservatives or dangerous chemicals are added.

Some of Happy Face Coffee’s best products include the house blend, a medium roast with a nutty, chocolatey, and lemony finish, and the Asian Plateau blend, a medium roast with a distinct herbal flavor. The brand also highlights flavored coffees like Candy Cane, Pumpkin Spice and French Vanilla, as well as single-origin coffees from Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia and Tanzania.

In addition to emphasizing coffee quality, Happy Face Coffee focuses on supporting the farmers and communities involved in its delivery…

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