FAMEEX prioritizes user needs by partnering with Banxa Payment

FAMEEX prioritizes user needs by partnering with Banxa Payment


FAMEEXa leading global cryptocurrency exchange, announced its partnership with I am sorry, a payment gateway platform. This partnership will allow FAMEEX users to buy cryptocurrency using multiple payment methods, including options that do not require a credit card. This new feature makes cryptocurrencies easier to access for younger users, bridging the gap between traditional banking systems and the security and convenience of the Banxa platform. FAMEEX chose Banxa as their provider because of the platform’s comprehensive features and services, including support for a wide range of payment methods, automatic currency conversion, integration with various e-commerce platforms, and robust fraud protection and security measures.

FAMEEX has carefully considered several options to provide dealers with a reliable Fiat driveway. After considering a number of factors such as supported countries and currencies, payment methods, fees, KYC requirements, transaction limits and user experience, FAMEEX decided to partner with Banxa as a reliable and easy-to-use option. While other platforms such as Simplex, Mercuryo and Moonpay are available, FAMEEX believes that Banxa currently offers the best balance of features and user benefits.

Compared to other third-party providers, Banxa offers its users relatively lower fees. For example, Banxa’s 1.99% fee on credit and debit card payments is lower than MoonPay’s 4.5% fee. Also, Banxa’s licensing in Australia aligns with FAMEEX’s commitment to local compliance, and Banxa is available in over 100 countries worldwide including the Philippines, Turkey, the US, Japan, Iceland and Ukraine, which is what it is makes it a convenient choice for many users. FAMEEX believes that Banxa is a strong partner due to its combination of accessibility, compliance and value.

FAMEEX is dedicated to providing a wide range of payment methods to access cryptocurrencies around…

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