Dallas Sandler Systems Training Provider, Certified Instructor

Dallas Sandler Systems Training Provider, Certified Instructor


Tom Niesen’s Acuity Systems was launched in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to give local businesses access to quality sales training based on the acclaimed Sandler approach.

The move gives local Dallas businesses access to the Sandler Selling System, a method that has helped hundreds of business owners everywhere improve their selling capabilities. The training is designed to help streamline internal operations to increase efficiency and create a more positive attitude within a given workforce.

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Acuity Systems’ unique approach to the Sandler point of sale system has received positive reviews from first-time users. The company encourages engagement by putting trainees in simulations of real-world scenarios and teaching directly through action rather than principle-driven alternatives.

This training is designed to help individuals take control of customer interactions and move the conversation forward in positive ways to ensure a desirable outcome. Team members of all types can also benefit from the Sandler System’s emphasis on accountability and teamwork, which encourages the entire sales force to work as a cohesive unit.

Business owners who participated in Acuity training reported that their forecasts became more consistent after completing the training and reported a generally more effective sales team.

“When I realized I needed help, I found a few companies and discovered Acuity Systems,” noted one attendee. “I’ve been to the sales training boot camps and the executive boot camps. I felt my company should do this to educate my staff and make sure they could sell properly.”

The guiding principle of this program is the Sandler Success Triangle, which teaches employees to balance attitude, behavior and technique. These principles are taught through holistic practices that…

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