CiferNoise Productions hosts Silent Disco parties on New Year’s Eve

CiferNoise Productions hosts Silent Disco parties on New Year’s Eve


12/23/2022 / TRANSLATION / DENVER — Are you trying to figure out what to do to ring in the new year? Don’t think anymore! Throw a silent disco party with CiferNoise Productions and you’ll be the talk of the town. Silent Disco is like nothing you’ve experienced at any other event, club or party. And you will never forget that!

How does Silent Disco work?

If you’ve ever been to a club, you may have noticed several different rooms in the building. Upstairs there might be one room playing country music, downstairs maybe dance music, another room maybe hip hop, and another the Top 40. Great! Unless you like country, but your friends hate it and decide to dance the night away with the top 40 playlists.

Of course, you don’t want to spend the evening dancing alone, so join them and your night won’t be nearly as fun as it could have been. CiferNoise alleviates this problem!

Instead, you and your friends can listen to your preset genres in the same room without sacrificing taste. What’s more, listening to the music you love at a volume you love offers an immersive experience you won’t find anywhere else.

CiferNoise breaks up music, also known as genre breaking, and creates a sound barrier between you and those around you for a night of fun.

How to book a Silent Disco rental

Would you like to book your Silent Disco rental with CiferNoise? Let us know what type of event you would like, how many people you are expecting and what music genres you would like to offer. You can choose from three to ten different genres and CiferNoise comes with pre-programmed headphones to play the genres you choose.

Then, when the party-goers arrive, they can choose from the different genres, identified by the colored lights on their headphones.

Book your silent disco party today!

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