The Importance of a Routine: Offered by iKid Academy

The Importance of a Routine: Offered by iKid Academy


23.12.2022 / TRANSLATION / CENTENNIAL, Colorado — At iKid Academy, the curriculum and schedule must implement a routine. However, you may be wondering why routine is so important in early childhood. Today, let’s look at the reasons and benefits of routine in education. Second, let’s find ways to keep kids in a routine during the holidays!

Benefits of routines:

  • Promotes healthy social-emotional expansion
  • Self-Regulatory Skills
  • Supports the ability to recognize emotions and feelings
  • Builds on structure
  • Creates positive habits

A great way to maintain routines when you’re taking a break from school is to stick to a bedtime schedule. While it’s okay to extend bedtimes occasionally, it can be difficult for kids to adjust when their bedtimes are constantly changing. So when you take a break with your child, try to keep some routines (at home) similar or with few adjustments.

For more information about the iKid Academy and the routines implemented in the curriculum, contact helpful staff!

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