Meth Rehab Center brings comprehensive treatment to Arizona

Meth Rehab Center brings comprehensive treatment to Arizona


Based in Tucson, Arizona, Catalina Behavioral Health is taking steps to help her community learn more about meth addiction. While the opioid crisis has dominated the headlines for some time, the unfortunate truth is that meth has also become a bigger problem than it used to be. As a Meth treatment center in Arizona, Catalina Behavioral Health has the tools, treatments and expertise needed to help patients achieve more positive outcomes on their journey to sustainable sobriety. They try to make these resources more accessible to a wider audience.

Meth, or methamphetamine, is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant that primarily affects the central nervous system. Although it shares some similarities with its parent drug, amphetamine, it can penetrate the brain in much larger quantities, which contributes to its status as a much more potent stimulant. To make matters worse, it both lasts longer and has more damaging effects on the central nervous system. Because of the potential for abuse, many rehabilitation centers have had to realign their facilities and staff to accommodate the increasing number of patients struggling with this specific substance abuse disorder.

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According to Catalina Behavioral Health, meth causes a variety of symptoms in users, making it difficult to treat effectively on a large scale. Each person who abuses it will experience different symptoms, although they typically develop problems with memory, judgment, and coordination. Fortunately, many have responded to the rise in meth use by developing and expanding treatments, and patients now have a variety of options to choose from. In particular, Catalina Behavioral Health recommends making this choice carefully, as patients may respond better to some types of treatment than others. For example, many have seen success with inpatient rehab programs, but this may not be for everyone.

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