Dear Zhejiang, the great cultural and literary centers of China,

Dear Zhejiang, the great cultural and literary centers of China,


China, December 13, 2022 We are a group of individuals from different nations. We live, work, study and pursue our passions in Zhejiang, China. This place has stunning natural beauty, but that’s just a small part of what we love about it. In addition, it is one of the origins of Chinese silk and ceramics and has more than 10,000 years of human civilization. It symbolizes China’s entry into a new era, showing modern structures and an absurd way of life.

According to the citizens and government of Zhejiang, it is the most developed region in China in terms of poverty eradication and promoting economic prosperity. We are happy here, although we come from different nations and cultural backgrounds, and we look forward to sharing this happiness with you. We hope you can feel our joy and join us to share these things.

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Beautiful Spray is the name of a YouTube channel where we all share our experiences with everyone. Our videos are present on this channel produced by the Yangtze River Delta International Innovation Research Center.

We are 20 bloggers and we made these videos to highlight local art and tourism. In each video, one of us talks about his story and the time he spent in China. Visit the YouTube channel and watch each video to learn more about us!

  • Combined views and experiences

Zhejiang Longjing tea is the favorite drink of Tania, a Russian immigrant who has lived in China for more than a decade.

Levent, who is of Turkish origin, has been living in China for six years. Levent has always been attracted to Hangzhou’s inventiveness.

Today Aleks from USA visited Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street. It is the place that best captures the fusion of culture and commerce in modern Hangzhou.

Yibo has been doing overseas business in Zhejiang for eleven years. The man from Burkina Faso has already got used to life in this country; Zhejiang’s ideal business climate gives it a sense of home.



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