They say: The source of the river supported me in the fight against addiction

They say: The source of the river supported me in the fight against addiction


Arizona City, Arizona –

Arizona City, Arizona – A former client was so grateful for the addiction treatment he received at The River Source that he left a glowing five-star review on Google.

If you need help, just call and ask‘ wrote former client Mike. “The River Source had my back and showed me so much I thought I lost.”

The River Source - Drug Rehabilitation Program in Arizona

The River Source is a fully accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with five locations in Arizona. It offers a robust, long-term treatment program that takes an integrative approach to therapy, combining naturopathic and conventional treatments across the continuum of care—from detoxification to inpatient treatments to lifelong alumni services. The programs include partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs.

Unique among Addiction Treatment Programs, The River Source offers a no-quibble guarantee. Per the pledge, patients who relapse within a year of completion can return to treatment free of charge if they complete the full 120-day program and are adhering to their treatment plan. Behind this bold plan is research showing that the longer a client stays in rehab, the greater their chances of long-term success. The Guaranteed Recovery was designed to increase opportunities for their clients by providing an incentive to stay in treatment throughout the continuum of care.

The river source offers treatment of addiction to a variety of substances, from alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine to heroin, opioids, methamphetamine, benzodiazepines, and prescription drugs. All care is evidence-based care and takes a holistic approach. which treats body, mind and soul as one cohesive unit. This may include IV nutritional therapy, massage, dry sauna, acupuncture, yoga and meditation.

Care is provided by a team of doctors, nurses, licensed consultants and behavioral medicine specialists, all committed to ensuring clients are safe, comfortable and on track to success.

Treatment begins with detoxification, the phase in which…


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