Core Asset Wealth Management launches socially responsible

Core Asset Wealth Management launches socially responsible


Core Asset Wealth Management is a financial management company. Recently, the company has added SRI and gene therapies to its services.

Seoul, South Korea – (Newsfile Corp. – December 3, 2022) – Core Asset Wealth Management approaches Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) in the latest evolution, seeking to maximize investment returns while avoiding companies that harm the environment or society.

As socially responsible investing has evolved into supporting environmental, social and corporate governance, Core Asset Wealth Management supports its clients with sustainable investment strategies. As the name suggests, it is an investment process that considers environmental, social, ethical and governance issues before funds are allocated. All investors want their portfolios to grow, but not at the expense of ethical practices, society or the environment. Popular sustainable industries recently include solar, wind, waste management and water filtration.

Core Asset Wealth Management Investment planning is not only about finding ethical and socially responsible companies to invest in, but also about taking an active role in using your voting rights to effect change.

The company is focused on gene therapy. It offers an innovative but controversial area that is tempting to invest in due to the possibility of curing previously incurable diseases. However, many ethical questions arise from the methods used, e.g. B. Animal testing and the resulting changes that can occur in our DNA.

Core Asset Wealth Management uses many different socially responsible investment vehicles that can be used with wealth management. Stocks and bonds are always readily available, but applying the various SRI filters can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Socially responsible mutual funds and exchange traded funds are more accessible ways to get involved in SRI investing. For accredited investors, more customized SRI investments such as hedge funds, venture…


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