Texas Child Custody Attorney Whitney L. Thompson explains the

Texas Child Custody Attorney Whitney L. Thompson explains the


Harris, Texas-

Custody Attorney in Texas Whitney L Thompson (https://www.wthompsonlaw.com/child-custody/) publishes a new article explaining the child custody process in Texas. The attorney mentions that custody battles can be difficult and emotionally draining for everyone involved. Whether it’s a divorcing parent, a single parent, or a grandparent, the challenges that child custody presents can be complicated.

According to that Custody Attorney in Texas“Understandably, many find the process of obtaining custody and child support daunting. You may be wondering what factors will affect your custody and how the legal system will decide in your case. A skilled custody attorney can walk you through the process step-by-step.”

Custody Attorney in Texas

The attorney mentions that in Texas, the concept of child custody is legally known as “guardianship.” Custody and child support are decided for the primary benefit of the child. Every custody case is different. Depending on the parties involved, parents may be able to find an out-of-court solution. If custody agreements cannot be resolved out of court, the parents may need to take the dispute to court.

Attorney Whitney L. Thompson explains that in Houston, Texas, there are generally two types of custody agreements. These are the Joint Executive Conservatory and the Sole Executive Conservatory. Joint guardianship is when two parties are allowed to participate in parental rights and responsibilities. A party may have a larger share of the responsibilities.

“Remember that Texas law assumes that both parents should be joint executive conservators. It is understood that this is in the best interests of the children. With these arrangements, we can help you decide on visiting rights and schedules. Sole guardianship, on the other hand, exists when only one party is allowed to share in the parental rights and obligations,” adds the divorce attorney.

Finally, the lawyer emphasizes the…

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