Long Island Juvenile Delinquency Attorney Jason Bassett discusses

Long Island Juvenile Delinquency Attorney Jason Bassett discusses


Long Island Juvenile Delinquency Attorney Jason Basset (https://jbassettlaw.com/juvenile-delinquecy-lawyer/) publishes a new article explaining the juvenile court process in New York Family Court. The attorney mentions that the age range for juveniles brought before family court in New York is 7 to 18 years. Some offenders as young as 16, 17 and 18 may start out as “juvenile offenders” in an adult criminal court.

“Juvenile justice in New York is an area of ??law that specifically relates to minors. Juvenile criminal law affects children who are accused of criminal behavior. Because our legislators believe children have greater potential for rehabilitation, they have enacted legislation that treats minors differently from adults,” he said Long Island Juvenile Delinquency Attorney.

Long Island Juvenile Delinquency Attorney

The attorney explains that if a child is charged with a violent crime, a sex offense or a crime against a parent, the child will be handcuffed and brought to court for the arraignment that day or the next. When a child is arrested by a judge, the child is placed in a juvenile detention center.

Attorney Jason Bassett says the goal of juvenile justice is to treat children in distress and supervise them on parole, along with detention if necessary. Unlike adults, children do not leave the juvenile detention center when convicted of a crime. Children also don’t leave the justice system with a criminal record.

In the article, Attorney Bassett says that attorneys have a duty to defend children in the juvenile court system. Juvenile delinquent cases must be dealt with within 60 days of the indictment. The biggest difference between family and adult courts is that in family court there are no juries and all cases are decided by one judge.

According to the defense attorney, “The judge may release the child if the child is in good standing, is not re-arrested, and complies with any other conditions he may have for …

source_link https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/long-island-juvenile-delinquency-lawyer-jason-bassett-discusses-the-juvenile-justice-process-in-new-york-city-family-court

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