Kennected’s CEO speaks at Web Summit 2022 amid extremely positive sentiment

Kennected’s CEO speaks at Web Summit 2022 amid extremely positive sentiment


Indianapolis, Indiana –

Kennected, a company that provides SaaS-based lead generation marketing software, is proud to announce that CEO and co-founder Devin Johnson recently spoke at Web Summit 2022. They also proudly announced recently Kennected’s rave reviews received on various platforms including Issuu, SourceForge, LeadGen and GetApp. At Web Summit, Devin Johnson shared the stage with some of the most prominent marketers as the conference focused on emerging technology, internet technology and venture capitalism.

Devin Johnson emphasized that their lead generation solution can help those starting a business by simplifying conversations and easing the flow of leads. This is why their software has been so successful, because offering a way to simplify things is the foundation of good business. For example, Brady and Leslie Huffer gave Kennected an extremely positive testimonial for allowing them to harness the power of lead generation to transition their side business, their digital marketing agency Hey Huffers, into their main career. They said, “In less than a year, Kennected was able to get us enough qualified leads so we could both quit our jobs and run our digital marketing agency full-time.”

Kennected’s lead generation automation software uses LinkedIn to automate the lead generation process. It is able to do this by using updates or shorter posts that are frequently linked by many people and what the software does is optimize the number of interactions. This process has proven to be much more effective on LinkedIn compared to the other social networks as the LinkedIn algorithm decays much more slowly. This means posts stay longer compared to those on other platforms.

The very positive Known customer reviews pointed out the importance of the various features offered by the Cloud Kennect LinkedIn automation tool, such as: B.: Reporting and…


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