Jerome Myers will moderate the Red Pill Experience Workshop

Jerome Myers will moderate the Red Pill Experience Workshop


Distinguished Financial Advisor Life Coach Jerome Myers offers a one-day workshop for established and aspiring investors to teach them how to be successful as investors and individuals.

Having taken the proverbial “red pill” himself to get out of the Matrix, Jerome Myers, multifamily investment thought leader and life coach, encourages others to do the same. For Myers and its clients, embracing the red is like taking the first step into the unknown to achieve your dreams. The Red Pill Experience Workshop is a unique opportunity for like-minded people to learn how to better achieve their goals for building wealth and improving their own lives by embarking on this journey.

Since leaving the American company, Myers has found great satisfaction in sharing what he has learned with others through one-on-one coaching sessions, speaking engagements, podcasts and workshops. His 11-week multifamily investment course, known as the Myers Methods, helps aspiring investors learn his four-step process for building wealth through owning and operating homes. While this program has produced many successful real estate investors, Myers knows there’s more to it than financial success.

As a coach for asset managers, I work regularly with private individuals who are good at what they do but don’t feel the joy of becoming who they want to be. They’re doing a lot of things right, but there’s a piece of the puzzle missing,” Myers noted. “This is where The Red Pill Experience comes in. We’ll talk about what they need to do to take things to the next level and see the growth and fulfillment that follows.”

The Red Pill Experience is an all-day event scheduled for December 1, 2022 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC. Speakers will address topics such as increasing wealth, strategies for creating a lasting legacy, reducing stress, and improving and maintaining health throughout the process. Participants who purchase an All-Access Pass can…


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