Brooklyn Slip and Fall attorney Samantha Kucher explains what it is

Brooklyn Slip and Fall attorney Samantha Kucher explains what it is


Brooklyn slip and fall attorney Samantha Kucher ( publishes a new article explaining the importance of slip and fall accidents in New York. The attorney mentions that a slip accident is often serious and life-changing. It is important that someone injured in a slip accident seek the help of an experienced slip and fall injury attorney.

“Although a fall accident may be unintentional, accidents caused by someone else’s negligence are entirely preventable. These accidents, also known as public liability accidents, occur because of a dangerous condition on another party’s property. These can occur on public or private property, but what is special is that negligence is a factor in the fall,” says the Brooklyn slip and fall attorney.

Brooklyn slip and fall attorney

The attorney explains that there are some common causes of fall accidents. These causes include slippery floors, unsecured carpets, loose floors, unexpected floor transitions, improperly maintained sidewalks, inadequate lighting, broken stairs, debris, and missing warning signs and barriers.

Attorney Samantha Kucher adds that negligence can also come into play when the owner or manager was aware of the hazard and failed to make appropriate repairs. The National Safety Institute reports that falls are a leading cause of emergency room visits each year, accounting for over 8 million emergency room visits.

Attorney Kucher adds in the article that slip and fall accidents can also lead to serious and even devastating injuries. These injuries then cost the victim significant medical costs, lost work time and prolonged pain.

According to the Brooklyn slip and fall attorney, “Slip and fall cases are protected under building liability laws in Brooklyn and New York. These state that a person who owns or is in control of property “shall use reasonable care to keep the premises in a condition of reasonable safety for the…


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