Global Equols Market Size and Market Scenario 2022 by

Global Equols Market Size and Market Scenario 2022 by


Equols market has been segmented into various major regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa.

“The final report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.”

The globe “Equols Market” Research report give a detailed expansion of key growth drivers, market size estimates and forecasts. The report covers current scenarios including the competitive situation in the market, trends, market analysis of market concentration rate by type, application and manufacture, and forecast market growth till 2028. The report covers revenue, secondary sources and a detailed analysis of the company’s market Share in the respective markets. Key market players to calculate market size.

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Equols Market Analysis and Insights:

Equol, a soybean metabolite, is an important isoflavone in humans, specifically binds to 5?-DHT and has low affinity for the recombinant estrogen receptor ER?. Equol is a metabolite produced from the soy phytoestrogen daidzein through the action of the gut flora. Equol has a higher affinity for both ERs (estrogen receptors including ERalpha and ERbeta). Equol exists as the enantiomers R-Equol and S-Equol. S-equol has high binding affinity, preferentially for ERbeta with a Ki of 16 nM, while R-equol binds weaker and with a preference for ERalpha K with a Ki of 50 nM. Equol is superior to all other isoflavones in its antioxidant effect. Equol has anti-estrogenic properties. Equol is 100 times more potent than daidzein at stimulating an estrogenic response. Equol is also more effective than daidzein in competing with 3 H-estradiol for binding to the ER. Equol stimulates the growth of MCF-7 cells in a concentration-dependent manner. Although equol has estrogenic activity, co-exposure of MCF-7 cells with equol and estradiol is effective in reducing…


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