YatriPay is a secure cryptocurrency service that is tailor-made

YatriPay is a secure cryptocurrency service that is tailor-made


YatriPay, a proof-of-stake (PoS) digital currency that empowers the tourism and hospitality sector.

Hong Kong – YatriPay is a revolutionary new blockchain-based cryptocurrency and digital payment solution. The service aims to help unburden the multi-billion dollar travel and tourism sector with innovative in-house solutions.

YatriPay seeks to disrupt key sectors by completely deviating from the centralized banking model. Instead of this model, the company offers a bold new all-digital payment solution based on its native digital coin called YatriPay Coin (YTP).

This is a whole new technology and methodology for the way you book and experience your travel adventures. YatriPay will use a blockchain method that will allow the user to experience travel in a completely unique way. After the user decides their destination, they can go to the YatriPay mobile app to buy YTP coins and book the whole trip with YTP. YatriPay has laid the groundwork (for now) with partners in select countries to allow the user to fully and seamlessly fund their entire journey through YTP coin. And if there are any coins left, they can be used to “stake” to earn even more YTP for future use. The founders will soon distribute the first batch of coins through various exchanges or directly on the Yatri Pay portal and mobile apps. Prices and exchange rates will be set by the community after publication.

Yatri Pay will not just be a “one stop shop” for travel, it will be fully decentralized. Yatri Pay uses a proprietary Proof of Stake (POS) algorithm that completely eliminates short-range and coin attack issues. The unique blockchain leverages proof-of-stake consensus to further support coin decentralization, secure the network, and participate in receiving rewards. Rewards come in the form of additional free YTP coins, which are only stored in YatriPay’s proprietary e-wallets. The premium depends on the amount of…

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