Sandra Enders engages the author's Tranquility Press to promote meditations on the Rosary

Talented author Sandra Enders publishes her Christian living book, Meditations on the Rosenary: Scripture, Psalms, Illustration, Guided Imagery, with public relations support from Author’s Tranquility Press

Sandra Enders partners with world-leading advertising agency Author’s Tranquility Press to lift spirits with the publication of this to millions of Christians around the world Meditations on the Rosary: ??Scripture, Psalms, Illustration, Guided Images. The book analyzes various aspects of spirituality and psychology through more than fifty scriptures, five psalms, twenty illustrations and twenty pictorial scripts.

The subject of spirituality has seen much controversy over the years as supposed authorities attempt to explore its various sides. However, Sandra takes a unique perspective on dissecting spirituality, adding something from the realm of psychology to provide readers with a holistic experience.

Sandra Enders guides readers through the mysteries of the Rosary using interchangeable scripts to place them in the context of actual events in the life of Christ. The goal is to inspire readers of all ages, to help encourage psycho-spiritual growth, and to initiate insight and personal development. Meditations on the Rosary: ??Scripture, Psalms, Illustration, Guided Images contains a chapter focusing on the history of the rosary and an overview of basic forms of meditation. It also includes twenty biblical illustrations by 19th-century illustrator Paul Gustave Dore, making for a complete spiritual project.

Meditations on the Rosary: ??Scripture, Psalms, Illustration, Guided Images see on Amazon and is available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats.

More information about Meditations on the Rosary: ??Scripture, Psalms, Illustration, Guided Images It is also available as MP4 audio read by voice actress Victoria Lynn Hogan, see her website at Author ( With…