New life skills program focused on empowering children to consume

New life skills program focused on empowering children to consume


Whether it’s confidence, focus, or fitness, Life Skill is your family-oriented dojo

Life Skill is a unique academy that offers a new way of training that combines physical training that is fun and exciting with a modern approach to offer the best personal development program in a warm, safe and welcoming environment.

Knowing that finding a martial arts school for your little one can be overwhelming for parents, our team has made it a priority to help you and/or your children feel at home while you participate in the life lessons that help us all become better versions of ourselves.

Some members have seen improvements in just three days! Achievements include boosting self-confidence, increasing focus and helping to manage stress. Our team’s primary goal is to provide the most comprehensive training available today, including an advancement in martial arts, fitness and educational training that addresses the needs of students of all ages.

We’ve taken the coolest bits of martial arts and combined them into an action-packed curriculum that helps kids build skills while having fun! Plus, we’ve made it too easy to join with a 30-day free trial available here:

By working with families like yours in the Worcester County area, our team has made a huge impact by bringing out the best in students through positive reinforcement to help them thrive in life.

About Stan Tabor

Stan Tabor is an international gold medal-winning martial arts practitioner focused on helping students grow using martial arts training as a vehicle.

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