Naturfönster, Swedish manufacturer of wooden doors and windows, starts

Naturfönster, Swedish manufacturer of wooden doors and windows, starts


Naturfönster, Sweden’s own wooden door and window suppliers are pleased to announce that they have launched a new range of products including the PVC windows. All doors and windows are handcrafted from the highest quality wood and are now available in custom dimensions and colors with or without a finish. This is a sustainable company that pays great attention to the environmental aspect in both manufacturing and delivery. Your sustainable wooden windows are durable and will last for generations, so less wood will be needed in the future.

Natur fönster & dörrbyggeri AB is a manufacturer and distributor of wooden doors and windows
Nature Vönter & Dörrbyggeri AB

With a focus on sustainability, Naturfönster strives to produce products with a lifespan of at least 100 years. From determining the requirements for the wood to be used to manufacturing and distribution, each individual phase is completed with sustainability in mind. The designs here are constantly changing; they are the sole distributors and suppliers of their range of products. There are no dealers and no stocks are kept anywhere. The company has its own transport from the collection of the raw material to the delivery of the products.

Naturfönster takes this opportunity to announce that they do not advertise their products. Much of their business comes from referrals and customer testimonials. And that’s one of the reasons why their prices are so competitive. Other brands spend a significant amount of money on advertising and spread it on the final product, forcing customers to pay a high price. Here at Naturfönster, customers only pay for the quality and the product.

The catalog is now updated with all types of wooden windows, windows with louvers, connected windows and many other classic, contemporary and modern styles. Some styles meet the design needs of vintage homes, modern homes, and luxury homes. And then there are energy efficient windows, where customers want windows with extra insulation with 3-pane windows and…


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